Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail

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Important info for the Boesmanskloof Hiking trail Hikers

Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail also known as the Greyton-McGregor Trail

Welcome to the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail Hikers!

Below is information about the trail and your overnight establishments. Onverwacht Cottages or Eagle’s Nest House.

  • Contact us if there is anything else you need to know.
  • About our accommodation services...
  • Bring your own electric plug for cell phone charging, please.

  • Firewood is available, but must please be ordered upon arrival - R20 a bag.
  • The establishments are fully equipped with cutlery, pots, pans, etc. No need to carry a lot of stuff with you!.  Wood must be ordered 3 days before arrival.
  • Please, when you arrive at the sign at the end of the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail or at the establishment SMS, WhatsApp, or call us to confirm that you are safe!.
  • We feel responsible for your safety (accidents do happen!!!)

Please be so kind and give us an SMS that you are safe. Accidents really happen and you're in a safe manner of our responsibility.

Enjoy your hike. We are only a phone call away. Bernardo 082 612 4623

If you cannot get hold of me contact Sandra 072 514 4209.

Please forward the info to your friends in your group.

Have a safe hike and keep in mind the trail is a tough hike……


Bernardo Oosthuizen

Thanks for your cooperation

Bernardo Oosthuizen

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What do you need to know about the Greyton - McGregor Walk?

  • Distance from the end of the Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail to McGregor Village is 16 km.
  • The distance of the Trail - 14km from the beginning of the" Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail" at Greyton side to the end of the sign "Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail" on the McGregor side.
  • Moderate to hard trail
  • Not suitable for children


Booking ahead is essential!. 

Cape Nature Hiking Permits and Contact details


A permit is required to do the Boesmanskloof Trail

This is obtainable from the Greyton Information Bureau

028-254 9564/9414 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ......

Greyton Tourism

29 Main Street Greyton

Western Cape, South Africa

Greyton Tourism Website

Greyton Tourism Email 


Monday – Friday - 09:00 – 17:00

Saturday – Sunday - 10:00 – 13:00
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The Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail also known as the Greyton - McGregor Hike

This stunning hike along the Boesmanskloof Trail winds its way through the Riviersonderend Mountains that separate the two villages, passing the 750m (2,461ft) high point of Uitsigpunt and leading you to your destination via a series of waterfalls and pools that are great for swimming. En route, you will see plenty of fynbos and protea and Erica species. On the mammal front, keep your eyes peeled for baboons, klipspringers, common duikers, and perhaps a caracal, while birds-wise there should be malachite sunbirds and Cape sugarbirds, black and booted eagles, and jackal buzzards.

It's a reasonably strenuous 14km hike that you can do in a day. Alternatively, do the "out and back", staying the night in either Greyton or McGregor and walking back the next day (Dogs, fires, and camping are not allowed. Booking ahead is essential!. 

This 14km trail links the towns of McGregor in the north and Greyton in the south. It passes through the Riviersonderend Conservation Area, which is a declared mountain catchment area comprised of state land and private property.

The Boesmanskloof trail leads through spectacular Riviersonderend Mountains with steep gorges, large rock pools, waterfalls (The popular Oakes Falls), and lovely Cape wildflowers. At either end lie the lush Greyton and McGregor valleys. There is a great diversity of plant species with many different Protea and Erica, and the stream cone bush and wild almond growing along the watercourses. Animals found in the area include the Duiker, Grey Rhebuck, Klipspringer, Baboon, Dassie, Spotted Genet, and, rarely, Leopards. Birdlife includes the Black and Booted Eagle, Cape Sugarbird, Malachite Sunbird, and others.

Physically the trail requires a reasonable degree of fitness as it continuously ascends, descends, and contours the slopes of Boesmanskloof. This is a winter rainfall area (generally cold and wet) and the summer months are extremely warm and dry. Water may be required during the summer months.

Cape Nature manages large areas in the Western Cape Mountains and encourages hikers to enjoy their wild beauty. Hiking is a wonderful opportunity to explore natural areas but could end in tragedy if these guidelines are not followed. Accessing Cape Nature managed areas constitutes acceptance of these conditions: Cape Nature will not be held liable and hereby indemnifies itself for any loss, theft, damage, illness, injury, or death to any person, or any other matter arising, in any other manner, and from any other cause whatsoever, caused by negligence, any act, or omission of Cape Nature, its agents, mandatory’s and/or employees. Right of admission reserved. 

The Boesmanskloof Trail winds through the only gap in the rugged Riviersonderend mountain range. It is in the Robertson Karoo region of the south-western Cape. The trail links the small towns of McGregor in the north to Greyton in the south. It has become one of the most popular trails in the Western Cape, especially as the beautiful colonial-style town of Greyton lies at the one end

The trail may be hiked in one day, from either McGregor or Greyton, but a popular option is a 2-day there and back route. If you opt for the 1-way hike, it is important to arrange for transport. It starts just outside Greyton, Ample private accommodation is available in both towns. No overnight camping is allowed on the trail, but there is a municipal campsite in Greyton. While the trail lies just outside Greyton, it only commences 14 km to the south of McGregor at Die Galg. Hikers may often choose to walk the trail there and back (a total of 28 Km) and overnight in either of the two towns. Another delightful option is to begin the trail at McGregor and walk to Greyton. Because the trail requires between 4 - 5 hours to complete, there is plenty of time for swimming and enjoying the views. The main attractions along the route are the spectacular mountain scenery; large rock pools waterfalls and Lovely Cape wildflowers. Highlights include views of the majestic Riviersonderend Mountains, with their steep gorges and the lush Greyton and McGregor valleys. Water is abundant in large rock pools. The highlight is the breathtaking Oakes Falls in the middle of nowhere!

There is a great diversity of plant species - many different Protea and Erica species occur here. The stream cone bush and wild almond grow along the watercourses. Animals found in the area include the duiker, Grey roebuck, klipspringer, baboon, dassie and spotted genet. Leopard is very rare. Among the birds, species like the Black and booted eagle, Cape Sugarbird, malachite sunbird, and others are found the hike is extremely popular among tourists and city dwellers. It is a total get-away and only one and a half-hour drive from Cape Town. Just being in Greyton and McGregor itself is a walk into another world.

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